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What’s being done about Superfund sites around Oklahoma In February , an Oklahoma County judge denied a motion from current Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter, who was seeking to dismiss the lawsuit. Hunter said the release of an investigative audit that didn't lead to criminal charges could "tarnish the reputation of innocent Oklahomans," according to the Associated Press. Now, it appears that the public will be able to get a look at those documents after all. Less than a week after the group filed a lawsuit against the EPA, Attorney General Hunter requested approval to release the Lead Impacted Communities Relocation Assistance Trust audits. "The politicization of this matter by an out of state special interest group is unnecessary and unwarranted," Hunter said. "The facts are clear: The investigative audits looked into the bidding process for the removal of structures and to facilitate the removal of toxic debris, not the buyout and relocation of residents by the federal government. The matter which was the subject of the audits was reviewed by prosecutors in the Attorney General's Office, the EPA under President Barack Obama and reexamined and scrutinized by newly hired, experienced criminal prosecutors in my office. No one in the review chain described above found prosecutable evidence of criminal activity. My office continues to support transparency and remains committed to sharing information with Oklahomans in a manner consistent with the obligation to protect the rights of informants and individuals who are not charged with a crime. We will continue to defend the integrity of the multicounty grand jury process and those who appear before it." Hunter says since no criminal charges were ever filed, the documents never became public record. According to the audit, the Lead-Impacted Communities Relocation Assistance Trust accepted a bid by a company to clean up the area for $599,988. Oklahoma State Auditor asking court to force him to release audit on Superfund site In the end, the project took almost two more years to complete and ended up costing the trust a total of $3.6 million. "This report describes various problems with the LICRAT Property Improvement Clearance Project that was bid and awarded through the Department of Central Services (DCS) in December 2010.

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