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Erin Copeland, a respected attorney at our firm, focuses on personal injury cases and is recognized as a leader in the Essure litigation. She has even been appointed to the Plaintiffs' Executive Committee by Judge Winifred Smith in the Essure JCCP pending in California. Her mission is to help women in their fight to seek justice against Bayer, though the pharmaceutical company continues to produce and sell their harmful contraceptive device. In an effort to further restrict Bayer's distribution of Essure, the FDA recently ordered Bayer to add a multi-page checklist of potential health risks to the Essure label. Now, however, that checklist of side effects must be distributed to potential users. Each patient must be allowed the opportunity to read and sign this document of risks before they agree to use the Essure permanent contraceptive. All doctors and health-care facilities that provide Essure will need to give potential patients this document, and the physician who implants the device must sign the form. The FDA has stated that Bayer will be responsible for upholding these new rules and could face serious criminal and civil penalties if they fail to comply. To date, thousands of women have dealt with life-altering complications caused by Essure. Side effects reported by Essure users include chronic pain, heavy bleeding, debilitating fatigue, device migration, depression, headaches, unintended pregnancy, stillbirth, and autoimmune disorders. Our very own Attorney Erin Copeland has helped to lead the battle against this dangerous contraceptive device, standing up for injured women across the country. Attorney Copeland has participated in countless lectures, legal events, and mass tort seminars as a primary authority on Essure.

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